I walked 117km of healing……

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I walked 117km of healing……

I walked 117km of healing…

Last year I lost four babies in early miscarriages in 7 months. One pregnancy was an ectopic that ruptured and it nearly took my life.

I ended up losing my right tube what would follow would be 3 more miscarriages. After my 4th miscarriage I got into a pretty dark place I remember sitting in my car overcome with so much grief that I couldn’t get out of the vehicle to go to work.

So at the end of last year, I quit my job and sought refuge in a place where I knew I could breathe.

As someone who has worked and played in the outdoors, I decided to take on a journey of healing. I walked our local mountain here in Taupo every day for 21 days.

I walked 117km of healing! It was amazing. Now I have started my own business, collaborating with Plunket in our rural community here in Taupo.

I  will be connecting with mums and helping them breathe again through going outdoors, helping us heal and to feel ok to talk about the hard times and find others to lean on when it gets tough.

Your ad made me cry  I see so many mums who need help just like when I went through it.

It took a lot to ask for help and get it. Maternity services simply don’t have the resources or people. It's not impossible just hard work, that’s what I told myself every day as I walked and healed, thank you for your amazing work your doing.  Aroha outdoors".

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