Mothers Matter Update

Updated: Mar 9

Did you see the fantastic Mothers Matter video campaign on television over the summer break? If you missed it you can watch all eight clips on YouTube here. We’ve had a fantastic response from the public, with up to 374,000 people viewing the clips on television and another 6700 on YouTube. Thank you to all the wonderful people who donated their time to appear in the video clips including our spokesperson Dame Lesley Max, gynaecologist Dr Anil Sharma, Alison Sutton from Talking Matters, Heather Hayden from Parents Centre, senior cultural advisor Pouroto Ngaropo, midwife Katarina Komene and our beautiful mama Kilistina Mateaki. We’ve been hard on the campaign trail, with Mothers Matter founder Chloe Wright and spokesperson Dame Lesley invited to attend a National Caucus policy discussion group at Parliament to inform MPs of the goal of Mothers Matter to influence policy relating to postnatal stays and the first 1000 days.

Mothers Matter supports MP Louise Upston’s petition to extend the current 48 hours postnatal care entitlement to a three-day stay. Research shows this will have a massive impact on the continuation of breastfeeding for mothers who may have difficulties. We urge everyone to look at the petition here. We are continuing with our written requests to Health Minister David Clark for a meeting. So far we have only received repeated declines to our requests. Mothers Matter aims to empower all women and their families to make an informed choice about their postnatal care, including awareness of their legal right to 48 hours of funded in-patient postnatal care regardless of the type of birth experience. Mothers Matter is also putting pressure on the DHBs and Government to allow mothers to choose where they birth and receive postnatal care. This will allow for better utilisation of the primary birthing units around the country, while simultaneously alleviating pressure on the hospitals. We encourage you to visit and join the Mothers Matter Facebook page, which is a community of nearly 8000 and growing! Make comments, tell us your stories. The page is a way to show our country and DHB leaders our experiences so that they understand why improvements are needed. Visit here.


Mothers Matter is about empowering women to make an informed choice about their postnatal care.

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